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Format:4:3 Full Frame, PAL, colorAudio:English/German, Dolby Digital 2.0Subtitles:English, German, DutchRunning time:complete Island tour - 84 minutesFeatures:Trailer, Outtakes, Photo Slideshow, Heineken Regatta 2005, Saba Clip, St. Barths Clip

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Thanks to everyone who donated some of their valuable time to this project. It would not have been possible without your contribution and support:

The Maho tourists, Sunset Beach Bar, Terra Pearson, Tara Newman, Iris Moesing, Heinrich Metz, Sint Maarten Yacht Club, Christiane Admiraal, Mirian Leffers, Lady C Floating Bar, Simpson Bay Marina, St. Maarten Explorer (Norbert), Tony & Anne Leeg; Andrew Patrick, Nana & Jimmy, Dr. Nilda Arduin, Elize Lantink, Sint Maarten Kadaster, Captain Olivier Lange, Elisabeth Flavel with Pierre, Mary Brown, Pierre-Antoine Muracioli, the animals of Oyster Pond, Heike Altscher, Horst Kotthaus, Costa Cruises, Alex Bourdon, Calmos Cafe, Wake Up Watersports, David Charrasse, Saint Martin Ecotourism Association, Lydia Gumbs, St. Martin Rotaract Club (Vincent), Norma & Corinna Trimborn, Tom Dart, Terres Basses Association, Terra & Erich Pearson, the AUC students, Cliffhanger Beach Bar, Gaby Mayhew.

Special thanks to: Oliver Korte, Sigrid & Jürgen Korte, Sebastian Nitsch, Matthias Ammon, Jochem Berlemann, Daniel Manthey

...and the people of Sint Maarten / Saint Martin.